About Us

Advanced Records Management is an innovative cloud based file sharing platform designed to increase efficiency between law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system.  Ultimately, the efficiency of the platform will significantly reduce time and costs that each municipality experiences on a yearly basis.  Also, the platform will significantly expedite the judicial system simply by instantly providing access to the necessary documents for each case.  


Advanced Records Management's platform is beneficial for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil attorneys, insurance companies, and the general public.  Each entity has a willing desire to obtain information as quickly and as inexpensively as possible which Advanced Records Management's platform has accomplished.


Each arrest, crime scene photograph, written report, traffic accident, digitally recorded traffic stop, digitally recorded interview, digitally recorded body cameras, etc. will be included in a case file that is presented during a criminal or civil proceeding.  Therefore, all of those documents will need to be adequately preserved, and provided to both the prosecution as well as the defense in a timely manner.  The advances in technology, and requirements set forth by state and federal law have drastically increased the size of an average case file, and the need for storage.


As the sizes of case files, the demand for public transparency, and the scrutiny of law enforcement has increased, the financial burden experienced by each municipality to store and provide copies of case files has also increased.  The process of providing copies of case files is time consuming, and the cost of office supplies is expensive.  Both will be significantly reduced with the use of Advanced Records Management's file sharing platform.