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Global Data Protection Privacy

All of the information uploaded to the Advanced Records Management's platform will be secured in the cloud and only the most advanced security features will be implemented. The security features meet CJIS standards and ensure the privacy of the sensitive material uploaded by each municipality. Evidence will be encrypted when it is uploaded and remain encrypted while in the cloud. Each agency will have the ability to determine the length of time a file is stored on the platform and will have the ability to archive files that need to remain on the platform for an extended period of time but do not need to be accessed often.


Secure Infrastructure & Operations

Each municipality will designate a system administrator who will be responsible for determining who will have access to the Advanced Records Management platform. When the system administrator receives requests for documents made by the prosecutor’s office, defense attorneys, media outlets, or the general public, they will be advised that they must create a free account with Advanced Records Management. Each time the file is accessed by a verified user, the system administrator will be notified of who accessed the file, when the file was accessed, and what IP address it was accessed from. Ultimately they will be establishing a chain of custody for the file.

Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere , Anytime

Advanced Records Management will provide a secure way to collaborate with any verified person at any given time. As a result, the public will receive the transparency they seek and deserve in a timely manner. Attorneys will be able to prepare accordingly, stay organized, and review a case without the cumbersome paper documents contained in each file. Each file will be readily accessible on a mobile device which can be immediately produced for a judge or jury while in court. Advanced Records management will provide a time efficient process for the criminal and civil justice system by creating the ability for attorneys to share an entire file with the click of a button.


Save Your Time and Money

Law enforcement agencies must continue to enhance their technological support systems, and Advanced Records Management will assist in providing that opportunity. By subscribing to Advanced Records Management, law enforcement agencies will be able to create a more efficient and expeditious criminal justice system resulting in community transparency and alleviation of the financial burden on the taxpayers. Every law enforcement agency has been increasingly creating more copies of police records to supply to prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil attorneys, media outlets, and the general public. As a result, law enforcement agencies have increased their expenditures to provide those who have requested such documents. Advanced Records Management will eliminate the time and cost of creating multiple copies for multiple entities.